Specialist Self-Defence Training for Security Companies, Special Units, Martial Arts Instructors and Students
or simply
enrich and expand your Martial Arts with an S.A.T Seminar 

Book a Self-Defence Seminar Day or Weekend with Grandmaster K. Brand

Please contact me directly if you are interested in a special training. I can teach the application of the principles, the entire primary techniques, some supplementary techniques, weapon fighting as well as the most important exercises of the art of combat. 

No licensed membership is required to apply for a seminar.




S.A.T Seminar Day or Seminar Weekend

The seminars take place on one day or on a weekend and comprise 4 hours (Seminar Day) or 2x 3,5 hours (Seminar Weekend) of training.

A corresponding seminar will be charged as follows (to be paid in advance): 
- Seminar Day, 1 to 30 participants $ 7.500, alternatively 7.500 USDT. 
- Semianr Weekend, 1 to 30 participants $ 9.500, alternatively 9.500 USDT.
The fee for the seminar already includes the travelling days, as well as the expenses for flights and hotel. 

If an S.A.T licence has been applied for, on the same or one of the following days I will personally train the interested instructors, in order to then appoint them as S.A.T Instructors (this is part of the licence fee paid beforehand)




How to become a certified S.A.T Instructor

S.A.T licence can be acquired for the current year after application:
- at the start of the licence, $ 50, alternatively 50 USDT will be charged for each remaining month of the year. 
- the annual licence fee for leaders of an S.A.T Training Centre is $ 600, alternatively 600 USDT and is renewed at the beginning of each year.
- an S.A.T lifetime licence is available for $ 3.600, alternatively 3,600 USDT.


To all future S.A.T Instructors.

For S.A.T Instructor aspirants, here is a spell three-point checklist for meeting the requirements.

 1. Attendance at a seminar.
 2. Appointment as an S.A.T Instructor after a test attached to the seminar.
 3. Payment of the annual or one-off licence fee.

The licence authorizes all Instructors to independently organize and distribute their students' clothing and equipment using the IAW / S.A.T logo.



• Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the above-mentioned offers, seminars or the allocation of licences. 

• I would ask heads of special units to classify the training objectives. For special units and private security companies, I adapt the training to the actual requirements. 


Sifu K. Brand







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Sifu K. Brand


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