The Way of the Warrior
Fundamentals and Beyond of a Superior Martial Art by Sifu K. Brand

Discover the evolution of the martial art "WingChun" with the book "The Way of the Warrior" by Sifu K. Brand, a grandmaster with decades of martial arts experience.

Are you ready to unleash your physical and mental potential? Would you like to truly understand the techniques that were once hidden in the shadows, behind closed doors that now shine again in full splendour? This is the book for you.

Sifu K. Brand has dedicated his entire life to researching and perfecting WingChun. He has not only studied the traditional methods, but has further developed and refined the martial art through his own expertise. With great passion and dedication, he has uncovered the origins of the art and opened up new possibilities to all.

"The Way of the Warrior" take you through a journey to the source of this impressive martial art. Let Sifu K. Brand's extensive knowledge and experience guide you to discover how you can gain physical strength, self-confidence and mental clarity. Immerse yourself in the world of WingChun and learn the profound principles and techniques that make it a unique and formidable martial art.

This book not only provides comprehensive instruction, but also contains inspiring stories and personal insights from Sifu K. Brand himself. His stories about his journey into the source of WingChun will inspire and motivate you to unleash your own potential.

Don't wait any longer, take the chance to explore the fascinating world of the evolved martial art WingChun with "The Way of the Warrior". It's time to awaken your inner warrior and take your skills to a new level. Sifu K. Brand will guide you on this path to experience the true essence of WingChun.

Order your copy of "The Way of the Warrior" today and become part of the WingChun movement whose origins will blossom once again.

A book for everyone who strives for their ideal. Anyone who practices the art of fighting fundamentally strives to achieve their ideal. The goal that merely describes a path that is followed with the necessary knowledge, the right thinking, the resulting actions, discipline and compliance with routines. Success follows those who find their personal way and masters to stay on it.




Currently, the book "The Way of the Warrior", which explains the Way from WingChun to S.A.T., in addition to topics such as History, Social Programming, Basic Technical Knowledge for Beginners and Advanced, the Power of Thought, The Principle of Permanently Complementary Polarity, Strength Training, Mottos, Principles and Distances of Combat and much more, is only available in the German version, as a paperback and ebook (on / Kindle). The English versions will follow in August 2023. 







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