S.A.T South East Asia

Chon Buri, Thailand


Please bookmark www.your-own-security.com/tha to access this private section for S.A.T students from Thailand. This page is not linked within the official website www.your-own-security.com. The main page serves as an overview for all students of the International Academy of WingChun worldwide. From this page, however, it is possible to access the official website via the menu.

1 Class (1.5 hour) / week

Jomtien Soi ..

Monday  5.30-7.00pm

  1 class         500 THB

  1 month      1400 THB

  6 months    7400 THB 

12 months  13800 THB


Private Lesson (1 hour)

1400 THB      

Seminar (2 hours)

1000 THB     

Special seminars with different topics are offered occasionally


• Sifu K Brand  contact   

LINE-ID:  wingchun-grandmaster

S.A.T for Children
Children between the ages of 8 and 14 can be accepted into 
the S.A.T program of the International Academy of WingChun

1 Class (1 hour) / week

Jomtien Soi...

Wednesday  5.00-6.00pm

  1 class         400 THB

  1 month      1200 THB

  6 months    6200 THB

12 months  11400 THB







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