S.A.T Student Levels

Instead of a graduation system, there are 2 levels for S.A.T students to indicate the level of training. A 3rd level for special achievements can be awarded by the grandmaster. 

- We award a green S.A.T badge labeled 'Primary Level' to students who have completed the basic training program and attend classes regularly for a full year. 

- Students who have completed the advanced training program and attend classes regularly for two years are awarded a blue S.A.T badge labeled 'Upper Level' after a test by the responsible instructor.

- After three years, S.A.T students with high technical skills can receive special recognition in the form of the 'Combat Level' Badge. However, this badge is only awarded personally by the grandmaster after an examination. (This level is not intended for students of the children's group).

Primary Level

Awarded after one year of training (no exam)

Upper Level

Awarded after two years of training (after a test)

Combat Level

Awarded after three years of training and special skills (examination by grandmaster)







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