Sifu K. Brand Grandmaster of the International Academy of WingChun


1969 Start of training martial arts.

1985 Start of training as a soldier in the German federal armed forces.

1986 Military training in a helicopter operation group.

1987 Military training to carry out evacuation measures in the event of a nuclear or biological threat.

1988 Start of the training of WingChun.

1989 Start of the training of the weapon martial arts.

1990 Appointment as a professional soldier in the German federal armed forces.

1990 Received specialised education as a German army ranger; hunting squad (EK 2) at the army combat troops school.

1987-1992 Instructor at the army school for the following areas: self-protection, fire-fighting procedures, rescue and recovery under special circumstances, radiation protection, property protection, nuclear, biological and chemical defence.

1994 Opening of the first WingChun centre in Germany.

1994-1998 Full-time study of asian martial arts at a private academy (1994-1996 exemption from military service)

1996 Official termination of the service as a professional soldier.

1996 Development of combat training in addition to WingChun. 

1997 Creation of a new style of weapon fighting, in which the original styles on which ‘Escrima’ is based were in the foreground.

1997 Opening of several training centres in the ‘Bay Area of San Francisco’ / California. Start of the commuting between Germany and the USA. 

1998 Development of a new, own style of ‘WingChun’ with the merging of the former weapon forms into four newly designed forms and twenty newly created sections of the system. Reforming footwork and increasing the speed and power of arm techniques.

2001 Definition and publication of the Combat Principles 

2001 Foundation of the Escrima Squad as Director / Grandmaster.

2003 Foundation of the International Academy of WingChun as Director / Grandmaster.

2003-2013 The time of travel and dissemination. WingChun has spread in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

2014 Completion of the development of a new, contemporary self-defence system without traditional elements, the S.A.T (Special Applications Training Program), which was created only for the development of highly functional skills.

2015 Start of the S.A.T as the secondary offered self-defence system by the IAW respectively all affiliated training centres.

2022 Complete restructuring with the launch of S.A.T as the primary self-defence system which is offered in all affiliated training centres of the IAW.

2022 Significant Improvements in technical components in terms of penetration and stability. This results in completely new training approaches to promote performance and certainty of victory. Dissemination of the research results is planned for 2023.

2023 Author and publisher of the book "WingChun - The Way of the Warrior": Fundamentals and Beyond of a Superior Martial Art.




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