Special Applications Training Program

by Sifu K. Brand, Grandmaster of WingChun, Escrima and S.A.T

Learn to defend yourself

The self-defence system

S.A.T refers to the ultimate applications of my complete WingChun system, as well as my Close Combat and Weapon Fighting Programmes developed during the 90s. It encompasses, so to speak, the unlimited totality of what we have to offer with the International Academy of WingChun.

S.A.T is the essence of what I have developed and taught for decades.

Adapted to modern times, S.A.T is a martial art that trains applications from all areas of self-defence from the very beginning. Even though unarmed skills and the basic techniques of WingChun make up the largest part of the training, it is necessary to train in the safe handling of sticks and other weapons (i.e. knife) at the beginning of the curriculum. Only in this way is it possible to practise defence against striking attacks within the first few training sessions, especially understanding the purpose and operational distance of each weapon. The skills in handling these tools train depth perception, coordination, and reaction in a very short time.

With my military background as a lone fighter and as a teacher at the German Army School, in combination with my more than 50 years of experience in martial arts, I have asked myself how I could train special units, personnel of exclusive security companies, or generally interested people in self-defence. My goal is to prepare them as quickly and optimally as possible for their respective requirements. I believe that my work as a Grandmaster and founder of the hard and uncompromising systems of WingChun, combat and weapon fighting, can be useful in this regard. I have come to the conclusion that, due to time constraints, it is not necessary to train the complete WingChun system or, for instance, the weapon fighting system (Escrima) with all its traditional facets. 

Since no graduation system is required for S.A.T, I was able to exclude graduation-relevant elements and at the same time renew my teaching concept in order to drastically shorten the training time. This has resulted in a new art with which I can equip everyone with special skills in a very short time, completely independent of previous knowledge. Ultimately, S.A.T also serves as training for practitioners of other martial artists, helping to free themselves from their potential limitations of sportive martial arts. However, the structure of S.A.T also enables inexperienced people to enter the realm of self-defence.

With S.A.T I officially released a new era of self-defence training at the highest level to the general public in 2014.

There are no classical graduation examinations in S.A.T. Nevertheless, there are various markings in the form of a badge for instructors and leaders of training centres. There are also badges for students that indicate the level of training after basic, advanced and finally combat training (Primary, Upper, and Combat Level) has been completed.

We train effective applications with specially developed programs. Our students learn the principles, the elementary basic techniques, as well as the complimentary techniques of combat to be optimally prepared for a wide variety of self-defence situations.

With S.A.T I have made it my life’s mission to preserve the true art of fighting and the entire technical repertoire of WingChun in all of its martial perfection.


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