S.A.T classes for children

Of course, most of our instructors also offer regular self-defence classes for children.

The S.A.T classes for children contain the most important self-defence techniques (skills) of the system. The classes are also designed to improve students' strength and body mechanics, as well as boost their self-confidence.

Self-defence techniques, coordination skills and strengthening self-confidence are the primary goals of the training.

The minimum age to start learning the S.A.T of the International Academy of WingChun is 8 years.


The children of the S.A.T Tigers group can achieve the two levels for S.A.T students (Primary Level and Upper Level) and be awarded the respective patches.



I stand for the quality of the training with my name.


Sifu K. Brand, Grandmaster of WingChun / S.A.T







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Sifu K. Brand