S.A.T Instructors / Licences 
of the International Academy of WingChun

With an S.A.T licence from the International Academy of WingChun, you can become an S.A.T Instructor and lead a training centre in a location of your choice. The prerequisite for this is that no S.A.T Instructor is active in this location.

Obtaining the licence requires the knowledge and ability to apply the elementary basic techniques of the S.A.T.

Both students and former students of the IAW who have reached the 9th student level in WingChun already have the prerequisites for acquiring a licence as an S.A.T Assistant Instructor (white badge), provided that there are concrete plans to open an S.A.T Training Centre.

For all those interested in training or becoming an S.A.T Instructor, seminars are offered on the page 'Training', to learn the S.A.T (teaching) program and, if desired, to acquire the instructor licence.




Leaders are needed who, together with me, will set a new global standard in the art of self-defence.

Sifu K. Brand       



The S.A.T does not include any graduation levels. There is only the identification for instructors in the form of a badge. 


Instructor Levels

- The white badge for Assistant Instructors is awarded upon passing the S.A.T Assistant Instructor exam. Assistant Instructor training does not require running a Training Centre. The training and examination to become an Assistant Instructor (white badge) is open to all S.A.T students of the International Academy of WingChun. 

- The black badge (Instructor I) is awarded as soon as the certified S.A.T Instructor's own training centre is opened. 

- The black badge (Instructor I) can also be awarded to Assistant Instructors without their own Training Centre, provided that the Assistant Instructor was involved in the training of the students in an S.A.T Training Centre for 2 years.

- The silver badge (Instructor II) is awarded to instructors who have successfully managed an S.A.T Training Centre for 2 years.

- The golden badge (Instructor III) is awarded after 3 more successful years as leader of an S.A.T Training Centre. A Level 3 Instructor is authorized to designate the Training Centre as an S.A.T Academy.


Badge for special achievements and Tilel. (without time-bound specifications)

An Instructor who have already produced other instructors from their own ranks and who support me in spreading the S.A.T can be appointed as a Master.

Furthermore, GM Sifu K. Brand reserves the right to one day officially appoint an S.A.T. Master for special merits as a Sifu.



Instructor Levels

Assistant Instructor

Awarded after passing the instructor exam

Instructor I (black)

Awarded upon the opening of a licensed S.A.T Training Centre as well as to Assistant Instructors after 2 years of supporting service 

It is not necessary to run your own training center to reach this level. This is achievable for all S.A.T students

Instructor II (silver)

Awarded after 2 successful years as an instructor

Instructor III (gold)

Awarded after 3 more successful years as an instructor


Awarded to Level III Instructors for outstanding service in promoting the S.A.T 





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